Through this unprecedented time, I am offering virtual psychotherapy and therapeutic coaching sessions based on your specific needs and personal struggle. 


During a time of crisis, our responses can be 

more magnified based on our personal history. You may be surprised by the degree of your own heightened reactions to this pandemic. Together we will better understand triggers that exacerbate your stress and anxiety. 


Once we identify the specific troubling thoughts and “what ifs” (what if my business doesn’t survive, what if people I care about get sick, what if I am alone for a long time….) we can come up with a plan with the best strategies for you. You will learn new methods to calm your mind and experience a perspective shift.


Drawing from your own abilities, experience and resources I will help you discover the strengths you have to build on, to feel more empowered and hopeful.


I am offering free 20 minute phone consultations to see if working together is right for you. There is no long- term commitment, and we can assess what you need moving forward at the end of a session. My fee is on a sliding scale during this time. I don’t want sudden limited finances to be an obstacle to getting the help you need.  


Call  917-733-4571         

email at


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